Emerging Leaders Programme


The Risk Management for Emerging Leaders Programme is targeted at new leaders interested in advancing their knowledge and effectiveness in Risk Management.

This programme will prepare leaders by improving their understanding and application of risk methodologies. It will assist them in asking the right questions and assess responses to risk challenges within their organisation.

Through group discussion and presentation of case studies that demand a broad organisational view, participants will gain perspective of the management of risk throughout their organisation.

This course will demonstrate how management actions and organisational culture can affect risk profiles and the potential to deliver a return.

On completion of this program, participants will be better able to anticipate and navigate emerging trends.

This programme has been developed for wide range of professionals from corporate, non-profits, public sector managers who would benefit from a fuller understanding of concepts and practices in the Enterprise Risk Management.

  • Development and implementation of practical tools for making strategic, operational and investment decisions based on risk
  • The psychology of risk perception and the development of risk management culture
  • Integration of risk management into strategic asset allocation, budgeting, investment activities, reporting and other key business processes across the organization
  • Quantification of the impact of risks on the objectives and KPIs of the organization as whole or individual investments (decision trees, tools, Monte-Carlo simulation, the use of scoring models for non-financial companies).
  • Recommendations to meet the requirements of regulators and global trends in the field of risk management, including applicable ISO 31000 2018, COSO: ERM 2017 and other risk management requirements.