Board Risk Oversight Programme


As a senior leader, you face a range of operational challenges every day. As a board member your role will also involve the identification and management of key risks: Risks that your organization currently faces, unseen risks that currently exist at a systemic or operational level and new and emerging risks of which you are currently unaware.

We consider risk oversight as one of the key responsibilities of the board/executives with critical linkage to strategy and organizational success.

We created the Board Risk Oversight Program exclusively for board members, CEO’s CFO’s and senior stakeholders in the public sector including policymakers and regulators. With an alumni over 30+ members having completed this program since 2019. Contact Us for more details.

This programme covers the following topics:

  1. Exposure to risk oversight best practices and emerging trends
  2. Opportunities to gain insight regarding risk management practices and approaches employed by the boards of other organisation
  3. Detailed discussion on how risk management can enhance quality of decision marking and performance
  4. An appreciation and application of risk appetite frameworks and key factors in fostering a strong risk culture
  5. Opportunities to explore with faculty experts, as well as board peers, the types of questions that directors should be posing to corporate risk professionals
  6. Networking with director peers in an interactive learning environment