Employee/User Data Privacy Training


Why this Data Security Training important?

  • GDPR course online enables staff members to understand their roles and responsibilities within GDPR
  • It improves GDPR awareness and personal accountability of employees
  • This data privacy training introduce measurable changes within the organisation regarding data processing, protection and storing
  • Reduces the likelihood of human errors when staff members are handling sensitive data
  • The data protection training online can be completed anytime and from anywhere-easily accessible via computer or mobile application
  • It saves money-no travelling required
  • The course comprises of engaging audio/visual content- with short and persuasive sections
  • Interactive section assessment test consisting of drag/drop, true/false and multiple choices
  • The learner will get CPD-Approved GDPR certification online.

GDPR Training Courses Offered by Falconry

Falconry is currently offering the following online course regarding data security toolkit:

GDPR Awareness and Data Security Training

£35.00 +VAT

GDPR Staff Training Course Content

  • What are data breaches, and why do they happen?
  • What is meant by data protection?
  • What are the General Data Protection Regulations – or GDPR
  • Data Security levels
  • Software threats and security measures
  • Social threats and security measures
  • Physical threats
  • Data Protection responsibilities
  • Personal internet usage

Data Protection Training-Target Audience

  • All Employees, Managers and Supervisors of any sector, working with personal data

Why Your Organisation Needs Data Protection Courses?

Data breaches are, unfortunately, widespread. It’s a vast and growing problem for all kinds of organisations and businesses

  • The unauthorised loss of data has hit roughly 1 in 4 companies in 2017
  • Most organisations rely on information technology to run their business, so, it’s a severe risk to all organisations, regardless of what they do
  • One data breach can put your organisation out of business because of fines, loss of business and legal claims

So, there is a need that your organisation need to comply with GDPR. The data protection courses online help to:

  • Enhance the company reputation as being at the forefront of data protection
  • Achieve better data security and reduce the risk of data breaches
  • Educate employees on principle and processes under the GDPR