Meet the Falconry product family

The falconry platform enriches, supports, and connects every aspect of consulting and learning in one seamless experience.


Every job is better with an online learning platform like Falconry

Which means that our clients can get highly specialised solutions from globally recognised experts and have technology to make sure its delivered effectively across the organisation.

Falconry Corporate

The Falconry Corporate learning solutions is a set of learning and training tools that helps companies deliver large-scale employee training and development. With Falconry, training managers can easily manage training plans, learning objectives, assessments, surveys and integrate the systems they need to support and inspire learners across the entire organization.

Falconry Education

Falconry Education​ is evolving, with ever-higher expectations from both educators and students. So it’s essential to enable a digital learning that goes beyond the physical campus to keep students engaged with learning and support them in achieving their academic goals and 21st century employ-ability skills.

Falconry Corporate Learning Ecosystem

Our Products

Tap into time-tested, learner-loved Falconry Products and features to train, develop, and inspire every employee—regardless of their role or location. Create your own corporate university experience.
Meet Our Learning Solutions

Falconry Higher Education

We have built a robust online learning platform that the whole campus will use, love, and apply. Some highlights with partnering with us include:

World-class Content

We offer high-quality professionally produced content that is fresh and relevant for all of your learners

Engaging Learner Experience

We’ve built a highly engaging learning experience that exceeds the high expectations of modern learners

Strategic Insights

Our proprietary insights and data will help you understand your skill needs today and in the future

Robust Learning Platform

Underpinning all of this is a robust learning platform that allows both employee-driven and management-driven learning to build a culture of learning in your organization


Falconry Platform Stats

The numbers shows that: Falconry platform is reliable, secure, and Users-loved at every level
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The Difference maker

What makes Falconry such a powerful online learning platform

There’s a lot we can say about the Falconry learning ecosystem, which includes the user-friendly Falconry LMS but we only have so much space. Here a few Falconry platform benefits


Falconry supports custom integration with your SIS and open LTI integrations with your favorite education apps. Keep using your tried-and-true content and tools, and try some new ones, too.


Falconry is powered by one of the largest, most active, most connected communities on the planet. These folks are an endless source of innovation, information, and support.


Our partners are thoroughly vetted technology, service, and content providers who share our commitment to providing stellar teaching and learning experiences.

Through innovative solution, We solve important problems that makes an impact and build employees confidence and skills to manage emerging risks and future challenges

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