Organisational Resilience

Organisational Resilience

Organisational Resilience refers to a business’s ability to adapt and evolve as the global market is evolving, to respond to short term shocks – be they natural disasters or significant changes in market dynamics – and to shape itself to respond to long term challenges.

Why organisational resilience matters

  • The viability and sustainability of organisations continues to be tested in a world that is constantly changing
  • Many organisations are realising that traditional corporate strategies are not protecting them from unexpected events
  • Organisations need to be able to absorb an event that necessitates change, to adapt and continue to maintain their competitive edge and profitability

A resilient organisation will demonstrate key traits in the way that it operates: adaptable with agile leadership that governs robustly.

A resilient organisation will benefit from:

  • Strategic adaptability – giving them the ability to handle changing circumstances successfully, even if this means moving away from their core business. 
  • Agile leadership – allowing them to take measured risks with confidence and respond quickly and appropriately to both opportunity and threat.
  • Robust governance –demonstrating accountability across organisational structures, based upon a culture of trust, transparency and innovation, ensuring they remain true to their vision and values.

Our suite of organisational resilience training courses will help you, as a manager or senior leader, to build the principles of resilience into your business.

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