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Falconry Careers

Learn about our company, check out our open positions, and come join our crew of smart, fun, innovative people who are busy making education even more awesome.


Why we Love Working Here

Impacts on Education

When you join Falconry Solutions, you join an innovative community of passionate consultants and learners that exists within the company around the world. When you show up to work, you feel good about what you do.

Employee Development

We work hard to provide the people who work here with professional learning and career development opportunities—in fact, you will join our Basecamp Employee Development Week!

Community Engagement

Improving employee's capabilities and learning experiences through technology is our M.O., but we also offer student scholarships, leadership programs, and lot of free resources for parents, and other users.


Things move at a pretty brisk pace around here, and, thanks to our aforementioned employee development initiatives and supportive culture, as well as our continued growth as a company, there's lots of opportunity to gain new skills and progress in your career.

Want to know what else we do

Through innovative solution, We solve important problems that makes an impact and build employees confidence and skills to manage emerging risks and future challenges

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