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We enable organisations to integrate strategic direction, elevate employee's capabilities and build risk and resilience culture to achieve and sustain competitive advantage


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We work with our clients to solve key challenges of operational excellence, business resilience, learning and development, digital transformation, GRC and cyber security across all industries and geographies. Our unique approach helps organisation to


Falconry Consulting

Leading organizations understand that enhanced risk & resilience culture and employees capabilities is a source of competitive advantage. By managing risks and building resilience more effectively these organizations unleash their full transformation potential, creating and protecting value for all their stakeholders.

Business Resilience

Businesses are confronted by rapid and often disruptive change which, whilst creating numerous opportunities, also leaves organisations facing new and complex risks. Our business resilience solutions can be a valuable partner in building and strengthening your defence and to provide assurance and confidence to stakeholders.

Enterprise Risk Management

To survive and thrive in this uncertainty, we understand that strong enterprise risk processes are crucial as these drive business controls. Instead of tackling Enterprise Risk and Business Controls in silos, we approach them as a whole to derive the most value from alignment and consistency.

Digital Transformation

The digital age is here and technology is central to an organisation’s operations and ability to maximise opportunity. Organisations are pushed to innovate, develop faster, and be more agile and creative than ever before. Our digital solutions uniquely structured to address these challenges and empower organisations to transform through digitalisation.

Cyber Security

As society’s dependence on technology increases and the scope and scale of cyber threats continue to grow, from individual privacy breaches to attacks on the broader financial and operational systems. Do you have the right cyber risk insight to ensure that cyber strategy aligned with business and will deliver intended benefits?

Project Assurance

Companies can manage the risks that lead to project failure through a combination of sound project governance, project management, and effective project risk management. Early identification of key risks allow your organization to reduce costs and keep on track by prioritizing project activities to focus resources on areas of greatest risk.


Managing Risks Through Innovative Learning Solutions

In a rapidly evolving world, organizations will have to continuously redefine themselves and adapt to new challenges. Falconry Solutions have several consulting and training programs to improve the skills of employees and from C-Suite executives to Board members. Our trainings and educational programs build the talent necessary to sustain competitive advantage in risk management and enterprise resilience. We have developed an integrated approach to develop risk and resilience culture through an integrated online learning platform, which enable organisations to respond to change and transform themselves effectively.

online learning platform

Falconry Corporate Learning Solutions

We’ve built a robust online learning platform that your employees will use, love, and apply. Falconry Learning provides the unique combination of these 4 factors:

World-class Content

We offer high-quality professionally produced content that is fresh and relevant for all of your learners

Engaging Learner Experience

We’ve built a highly engaging learning experience that exceeds the high expectations of modern learners

Strategic Insights

Our proprietary insights and data will help you understand your skill needs today and in the future

Robust Learning Platform

Underpinning all of this is a robust learning platform that allows both employee-driven and management-driven learning to build a culture of learning in your organization

Falconry Corporate Learning Ecosystem

Our Products

Tap into time-tested, learner-loved Falconry Products and features to train, develop, and inspire every employee—regardless of their role or location. Create your own corporate university experience.
Big Wins With Falconry Solutions


Leading organizations understand that enhanced learning and development culture is a source of competitive advantage. By enabling llearning culture more effectively these organizations unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for all their stakeholders.

Deliver Unforgettable Employee Training

Incorporate interactive video, targeted feedback loops, and mobility into your onboarding and ongoing employee training programs, and integrate your current training tools.

Build Excellent Leaders

Through ongoing leadership training and deliberate practice, help individual contributors develop the managerial skill sets to lead teams and meet business needs.

Develop & Fulfill Employees

Retain valuable employees by offering development opportunities that support their personal goals and long-term career objectives.

Impact the Bottom Line

And don't just do it. Show it. Demonstrate how aligning individual, team, and company goals improves retention, increases efficiency, and drives business results.

Become "Learning Native"

Make learning an inherent part of your organisation by forming a digital learning foundation—one that's reliable, scalable, hyper-secure, and open to integrations.

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We are a premier organisation that defines thought leadership in risk management and resilience solutions. We bring together leaders from industry and academia to draw actionable insights on emerging risks and future challenges.

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Through innovative solutions, We solve important problems that makes an impact and build employees confidence and skills to manage emerging risks and future challenges